OKC BioTech firm Sensulin develops new diabetes therapy

With the goal of providing diabetics a chance at a normal life, Oklahoma City-based Sensulin has developed a new, 24-hour glucose responsive insulin that would provide a diabetic’s daily insulin need in a single dose. Sensulin recently featured their therapy at the annual TEDMED health and medicine conference in Washington D.C.

Sensulin was also awarded a $10,000 scholarship to participate in “The Hive,” a TEDMED affiliated area where innovators, startups, and accelerators show off their new ideas. Sensulin was the only Oklahoma company invited to participate in The Hive. 

Sensulin technology is designed to mimic the healthy human pancreas in diabetics and eliminate the need for multiple daily insulin injections and glucose monitors. The company hopes to begin clinical trials in two to three years.

In addition to Sensulin’s appearance at TEDMED and The Hive, Oklahoma City’s renaissance, growth, and city-wide weight loss initiative was highlighted in a talk by Mayor Mick Cornett.


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