Four startups changing health care as you know it

NATIONAL — The U.S. health care sector is something of an enigma. It’s one of the most complex systems on the planet, and it has remained immune to modernization and efficiency efforts. That is until this past decade and, in particular, the last few years, as major advances in technology — along with a number of other factors — have begun to put a dent in rampant inflation that had afflicted health care spending.

What companies are helping address health care inefficiencies and technological lapses? While we might not be able to name all of them — that would take a very, very long time — we nonetheless wanted to highlight some of the leaders in the space. With that in mind, here are five businesses that are revolutionizing healthcare.

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OpenBiome – A Stool Bank for Fecal Transplant Patients

ActiveProtective – Wearable Airbags

Buzzy – Pain Relieving Device

Modernizing Medicine – An Innovative Electronic Medical Records System

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