Mako Medical Laboratories expanding, adding 100 new jobs in Duke City

ALBUQUERQUE — An Albuquerque research institute and a North Carolina-based medical laboratory company have entered into a new partnership that will bring about 100 new jobs to Duke City.

Mako provides medical testing for doctors and other professionals and specializes in areas like urine toxicology and genetic testing. The Lovelace Institute has a 70-year history in Albuquerque with a particular expertise in lung disease research but has actively tried to diversify its revenue stream, Robert Rubin, president and CEO, said during a news conference Monday.

Mako Medical Laboratories, a Raleigh, N.C.-based company with an estimated 200 employees in the eastern U.S., announced a plan to expand with a new location at the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute in southeast Albuquerque.

It will create jobs for laboratory technicians, administrative staff, sales and marketing professionals. The pay range will run from about $40,000 to “six figures,” said Joshua Arant, Mako’s chief operating officer and co-founder.  Contact Mako Medical Laboratories for jobs here.  Hiring should begin in about a month.

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